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Prosper With Posture
Dr. Mike Bhatt

Are you or your staff suffering from stress, anxiety, back pain, neck pain or headaches. Are you concerned about the long term effects on your posture due to these dramatic changes in workstations and habits?

Watch why corporations are raving about the 7-Minute Huddle.

Dr. Bhatt has 28+ years of extensive knowledge as a clinician as well as a teacher and mentor to young doctors. He has simple information that he want to share with you and your staff. Many corporations have used our services since the onset of Covid-19.

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In 2019, Dr. Bhatt sold the majority of his practice, and though he still works with patients, his primary focus is on public speaking, corporate training and education, and on promoting his patented Swingbak® Foam Roller and Swingbak ® Equine Foam Roller, which in addition to their unique design also has and vibrating component to enhance treatment.

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What we believe in
What does it mean to prosper with posture? The meaning of prosper is as follows: "flourish physically, grow strong and healthy."

Our Goals:

1. Educate you on the benefits of "Proper Posture"

2. Enable you to "Prosper with Posture" by providing incentives and reminders

3. Entertain you with interactive presentations

4. Improve you by enhancing your health, productivity and reduce lost time from back pain, neck pain and headaches.
5. Save you money by reducing insurance costs

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About the program

Who we are

My mission is to exercise the brains and bodies of our workforce by teaching the value of good postural hygiene, breathing and proper workspace habits. To show how simple exercise protocols and pearls of wisdom  information and knowledge formulated over the last 28 years of clinical practice.

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What we do

The goal of our webinar series is to utilize the tools and concepts of Prosper with Posture program while much of the global workforce is working from home many under strict confinement. To teach my lessons and postural program at this much needed time while entertaining and educating with various guests.

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Dr. Bhatt is proud to work with The Folds of Honor. Part of the proceeds generated from this webinar series as well as Dr. Bhatt’s lecture series will be donated to The Folds of Honor organization, which provides educational scholarships to the children and spouses of service members who died or were injured while serving our nation.

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