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About Us
What is the Prosper with Posture program?

Dr. Bhatt founded the Prosper with Posture program in 2019 after selling 75% of his practice and moving to part-time patient care.  The program was developed as a way to continue to care for the patient population through the “Dr. Bhattman’s 7-Minute Posture Program”.

The program is comprised of many elements that have come from Dr. Bhatt’s 29 years of clinical experience and his time sharing stories of personal tales and adventures to audiences around the world.

Dr. Bhatt wants you to focus on how something as simple as the importance of practicing good “Bhatt-posture” along with proper breathing techniques, meditation and laughter can provide an amazing outcome. It just takes doing these exercises daily to improve spinal mechanics which reduce the risk of pain often caused by aberrant biomechanics of the spine.  This simple 7-minute routine can save you from being a casualty from a pain perspective.

Dr. Bhatt has developed various 7-minute programs that focus on different body regions. This information is conveyed to his audiences in an interactive fashion and performance of this program is encouraged during his presentations.  The “Prosper with Posture” program includes protocols for various sports to improve mobility and stability for specific body regions that can be affected by the specific physical demand of a particular sport or activity.

"Prosper with Posture" Benefits

By introducing the “Prosper with Posture” 7-minute program into your daily life, you can expect the following:

Save money and improve staff health
Reduce lost time at work
Improve productivity
Lower insurance premiums
Reduce risk of back pain, neck pain and headaches

The answer to this question is simple and is based on current statistics for low back pain, neck pain and headaches. The cost associated with lost time from these ailments is staggering. Dr. Bhatt has taught these simple techniques and exercises for the last 28 years with great success. Dr. Bhatt’s goal is to reduce lost time at work which in turn improves productivity and benefits not only the employee but the employer.

Let’s look at some simple statistics related to low back pain, neck pain and headaches:

80% of people will experience neck or back pain
47% of people that suffer from these issues spend most of the day sitting
100 billion in indirect costs
Most common cause of lost days at work
50 billion spent annually by Americans
50% of Americans suffered a headache last year
90% of cases resolve in 6 weeks but, 60-80% return in 2 years!
**** Don't be a statistic!!! ****
Prosper with Posture mission statement

Our mission is to exercise the brains and bodies of our workforce by teaching the value of good postural hygiene, breathing, and proper workspace habits and too share simple postural exercise protocols, pearls of wisdom, and knowledge formulated over Dr. Bhatt’s last 28 years of clinical practice.

The goal of our webinar series is to utilize the tools and concepts of the “Prosper with Posture” program while much of the global workforce is working from home, many under strict confinement. To teach the lessons and postural program at this much needed time as more than over 80 million Americans are working from home under stressful environmental and inferior ergonomics.

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